Einbecker Senfmühle

In Einbecker Senfmühle, this ist a mustard-mill, the mustard production is a classically crafted process that is substantially different from industrial manufacturing mustard. The mustard seed is cleaned and crushed, then vinegar, water, salt, sugar and spices are added. Now the process is the fermentation joins. The resulting mash gets sufficient time to maturity and flavor compound.

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Einbecker Brauerei (Brewery)

The Einbeck beer has been known since 1378 as an instrument of a beer sales reports. The origin of the Bock beer is located in the Hanseatic city of Einbeck. With the award of the town charter in 1240 by the sons of Henry the Lion, a brewing rights for citizens was connected. There in the Middle Ages brewed ale was considered a luxury commodity and was over long distances, including to Italy, exported. To achieve this, the necessary durability, they brewed it with an unusually high original gravity. The result was a heavy, rich alcoholic beer.

On 17 April 1521 to Martin Luther of Duke Erich received at the Diet of Worms, a pitcher Einbeck beer, which he reportedly said: “The best drink known to man, which is called Einbecker beer”. Next he was to bring along some of his later marriage Einbeck beer barrels. [2]

Also, the ducal court of the Wittelsbach in Munich since 1555 could be supply from Einbeck, until 1573, the first Bavarian Hofbräuhaus initially founded on the Landshut Trausnitz 1589 and moved to Munich to brew beer itself. 1614, the brewmaster Elias Pichler was lured away from Einbeck to the Hofbräuhaus, which henceforth be Ainpöckisch beer brewed in Munich. At the Munich dialect it was the name of Bock beer over time. [Wikipedia]

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Einbecker Blaudruck

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 Einbecker Museum

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Einbecker Schwimmbad

Einbecker Tennisverein (Gastspielen möglich)

Golfpark Leinetal (Gastspielen möglich)

Einbecker Morgenpost

Einbeck Events

Einbecker Kinos

Regelmässige Veranstaltungen

  • 1. Mai: Einbecker Bluesfestival & Bock-Bier-Anstich
  • Mai: Einbecker Bierstadtlauf
  • Juni: Einbecker Gaumenfreude
  • September: Fassrollen
  • September: Kneipen-Music-Night
  • 2-tes Oktober Wochenende: Eulenfest
  • November/Dezember: Weihnachtsmarkt
  • Dezember: Silvesterlauf auf der Hube